Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes, it IS Crazy!

Just like everyone says, and everyone says that everyone says, this year has flown by. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple months that seemed to crawl along, but as a whole, I can't believe it was only a year ago that we met you.

You are a wonderful addition to our family and you make us laugh all the time! We love you so much. Remember that when you're eleven through oh...twenty-one or so. Seriously, remember it forever.

For posterity's sake, and to further embarrass you once you find out about this, here are some of your favorite things to play with and some nicknames your dad and I call you.

Hands down, empty bottles....water bottles are always welcome but an empty 2 liter is a special treat.
You have a strange affinity towards containers. Anything you can put something into will hold your attention for quite a while.
You pretty much love two toys that were mine when I was a toddler (the train and the rolling rattle).

We call you:
Little Buddy
Suuuper Sam
Little One
Baby Sam
I even made up a rap back when you were about 6 months old, although it will be relevant for forever. It goes like this,
"Mom and Dad (pause)
think I'm the man, (pause)
I'm 6 months old, (pause)
I'm Baby Sam, Baby Sam."

(Pretty sweet rap, right?)

Sam, you have a sweet spirit. You smile easily and are easy-going. Admittedly, we haven't been parents long but we can already see how true this verse is. Thanks for all you're teaching us and all the joy you've already brought to our lives. You rock Little Buddy and we love you!


Kristina said...

WHOAAAAAA hold win the prize for sweetest post ever!!! felicidades!!!

Bek* said...

awwwwww!!!! happy birthday, sam! so sweet!

Jaci Spain said...

Happy Birthday Sam! You are SO cute and I agree with your mom, you have a great personality to go with it. Have a great day!!!

RDJones said...

that post made me tear up! So sweet...I can't believe he is one!

Camille said...

Happy Birthday Super Sam!!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Super Sam! We love you!

Lauren said...

So exciting - Happy Birthday, Super Sam! Can I please say that I *LOVE* that in the birth picture you posted, you can see a tiny little tear in your eye? There are moments you forget, and those you remember forever and ever, and I can close my eyes at any time of any day and see my babies laid up on my tummy, less than 10 seconds old. Melt!

PS - mad rhyming skills, by the way.

Kara-KSS Photography said...

Great Post, Greta!! What an awesome rap song..Happy Birthday Scrunchkin (my fave nickname)!! It seems like just yesterday we were all eagerly awaiting his arrival through the news on Facebook. Phew, what would we do without the internet!?

Cannonicity said...

Aww I hope the catapiller party is the bomb! I wish we could come! (Ps I added a pic to the post I didn't have on my computer last night) Its a goodie!

Alicia said...

Happy First Birthday, Sam!

Shea said...

Happy 1st birthday, Sam! Such a sweet post! It makes me remember so much about Savannah's birth! Your having me crying over here! We really need to get together soon! I miss ya!

Jennifer said...

Very sweet post, Greta! I also loved the little tear in your eye in the pic of Sam's birth.

Happy Birthday, Sam!!