Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Mind Me, Just Taking Care of a Little Business

I'm designing Christmas cards this year.
You can check them out here.

Good news is, I'm offering two different options.

So if you're pressed for time and like the convenience of having your cards printed for you, I gotcha covered.

Or, if you're a do-it-yourselfer...almost, I got YOU covered too (with a personalized digital file of your choice).


Bek* said...

you stole my idea! i was going to do this too!

(i mean obviously you didn't steal it...great minds just think alike)

Alicia said...

Those look awesome! I think you might have a customer!

Shannon said...

okay, i really need to get with you :) love all this you do. i don't have the time to do all i would like to do with my creativity but i love what you do. you have to let me know what programs you use :) just for my own use of course :)

Katie said...

In regards to the "fake" creamer - haha! definitely not knocking...just called it that because it's not really made with cream or milk or any kind of dairy...listen I usually keep it in the fridge AND have been known to use it way past the expiration definitely not knocking it, no. :)

Melissa said...

how did you come up with the random names on the cards? i think i would have way too much fun making up my family's names...

ps. i read your blog pretty much obsessively, but i am only now getting a chance to comment. sorry for being a slacker.