Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th, the Day After the Election

No doubt, yesterday marked an important time in history.
However, if you are not an Obama supporter, it is obviously easy to feel negatively about the results.

Here are two good things about them.

Brought to you by Abraham Piper, one of my favorite bloggers.


Camille said...

Greta, thanks for this post. Here's to hoping we can all focus on the positive more often.

Cannonicity said...

3. was in reference to many people stating Obama is the Anti Christ and that God is pouring his wrath down on the United States and that it is the beginning of the tribulation. I have heard many people refer to this, and all I am saying is the focus is just on America and that it all revolves around this country. Just hard for me to understand at times.

Sorry if I pushed some buttons. I have kept quiet during this whole election. And honestly would need to do a ton more research when the time comes where I can vote :) If I ever get there! I am certainly not an Obama fan in fact I am a fan of no one!

I was simply stating the vast difference between living in the North and the South and the opinions of the people around you so very different. So many Christians here embrace Him, still not everything he stands for but still so different from what we are used to.

Just stating some observations. thats all.