Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here, Have Some Thanks

I'm sure everyone has a food and family-filled day. However, if you get a chance today...or even later, why don't you share three frivolous thinks you're thankful for.
(This is in the spirit of acknowledging we're all thankful for family, friends, etc.)

Of course, I'll start.
In no particular order...DVR, Thin Mint Blizzards from DQ, and my camera!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Lauren said...

Frivolous things I'm thankful for, hmmm.

The internet. My sewing machine. Dark chocolate.

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.

Lindsay said...

Pacis, cell phone, and the new chicken strips at Chick-Fil-A (along with the coupons we get in the mail for them).

Where in the World are the Powells said...

Let's see, I think those things would be my cell phone, skype, and the beach

Jennifer said...

Hmmm, let me think...

my flute, make-up, and the guys at The Garage.

I know that last one is not frivolous, but I am VERY thankful for those awesome guys and talented mechanics!

Greta said...

Jennifer, you're so sweet. I told Bob what you commented and it made him feel really good ;).

Melissa said...

is it too late for this comment? nah, i'm alway thankful for...

1) my new Hobo knock-off wallet
2) the smell of rosemary
3) coffee

The Microblogologist said...

I am late on this but it is such a cool idea I'm going for it anyway =)

Disposable petri dishes so I don't have to go through the extremely involved process of using and reusing glass ones.


My plants.