Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warrrrr Eagle


Dustin Britt said...

so so cute. he just keeps getting cuter.
maybe hang out friday night in Atl?

Dustin Britt said...

this is Katie by the way...on Dustin's computer

Dustin Britt said...

and i mean friday the 26th of dec. btw

Lauren said...

Okay, I'm sure you know that my blood runs red and black for UGA. But I am a HUGE Auburn fan (as long as they're not playing UGA, of course).

Anyway, I thought of this post when I was getting Mac dressed yesterday. We have some little sweatpants for him from Target that are a dark - not quite navy - blue with an orange tiger on the thigh. You can also get a coordinating sweatshirt hoodie, but I don't think it has the tiger on it.

Anyway, thought you might be interested. :o)