Monday, January 12, 2009


So our whole family was sick last week. I'm better but the other two are still dealing with some of the remnants.

Understandably, I'm a bit worn out...and haven't felt a lot like blogging.

I mean, unless you guys want to hear about the piles of laundry that are piled up around the house, the lack of sleep we're all getting, or the snot rockets that Sam has been sneezing out. So, am I wrong? Do y'all wanna hear about that? Cuz I'm tired of it all.


Laura said...

I did indeed giggle at the snot rockets comment. :) So sad that y'all have all be feeling yucky. I hope everyone's all better by this weekend, b/c you got some fun times to look forward to! :) Love you!

Jenna said...

i only want to know the details of vomit and diah.

please. i just can't get enough of the TMI posts from people about what's coming out of their bodies!!!

(i'm kidding. you probably knew that, but we haven't exactly officially met, so...just thought i make it really clear.)

hope the guys start feeling better soon!

Ann Marie said...

oh sad! scott and I both were sick around Christmas, so I know its no!
hope yall are feeling better soon!

melissa richie said...

yick. i hope you all feel better soon! i miss your posts!

lil ole' me..... said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!

We haven"
't been sick and my laundry has still managed to pile up on me! Oops!!

Courtney said...

:( I hope your buddies are starting to feel better. Playdate as soon as all are well!