Tuesday, January 13, 2009


You know those people who just talk more than is necessary, sometimes more than is even a little annoying?

Sometimes, they kinda bug.

Here's an example.
You're checking out at the grocery store and your phone rings. Let's say you notice that it's Brian calling. It's probably not necessary that you look at the phone, announce that it's Brian calling (because none of us know who Brian is anyway), then wonder out loud 6 or 7 times why Brian is calling you, and again, announce that it's Brian calling.

Sorry to complain but sometimes,...that bugs.


Lindsay said...

hehe. You're funny. That would be kind of annoying. I bet he/she (I'm guessing she?) wanted someone to ask her "who's Brian?" to which she'd reply "oh, he's my awesome boyfriend. Look, he gave me this necklace for Christmas." to which she would expect you to reply "Oh wow! You're so lucky!". Just a guess. I have a wild imagination...

Jennifer said...

That's funny. I know someone who is just like that. I can only take that person is very small doses, I'm afraid. Fortunately, our paths don't cross that often.

Lindsay - that's hilarious!

The Microblogologist said...

Hmmm, I am not one to announce who is calling to strangers but I suspect I talk WAY too much. Especially now since I am a hermit grad student who doesn't get out much. The poor people who are stuck in the same room as me!