Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Combo Gifts

Ever had someone try to combine a bunch of events/holidays into one gift? I did...recently.

For the last few years, Bob and I have put aside a little money at Christmas to use for a night or two away instead of giving each other big gifts. This year, we had a night away in Chattanooga. It's a great break for both of us and we don't feel guilty for spending the money on a nice hotel.

Well this year, Bob kept saying that night away was my birthday, Mother's Day and anniversary present (5 years in June). As you can imagine, I wasn't really down with that combo gift idea. It was, afterall, our Christmas gift to each other originally.

He gave up.
But he went for another combo gift. One which I am on board with.

While my rings were "at the shop" to have a small diamond replaced, this sneaky guy had the jeweler go ahead and make an anniversary band (one that mirrors my wedding band). That is an acceptable combo gift in my book.

Ever gotten a combo gift you were cool with or given a really great one?


Rachel Garcia said...

it might be too much info.. BUTTTTTTT... for my 30th birthday mom and dad paid for me and big Jorge to eat dinner (with two other couples, friends of ours) at the nice restaurant at Ross Bridge. Can't remember the name.. super duper nice. Then when the waiter brought us the paid for check there was a key card in it for a room Ross Bridge. I was so excited. Of course the room was for me and hubby. but the best gift came two weeks later.. when I found out I was with child. And I knew EXACTLY when that little conception happened. Eh hem.. on my birthday!! That was an awesome combo gift!!! Sorry.. might be too much info.

congrats on the new ring"s."

Rachel Garcia said...

oh and that little bundle was Eva.. our first girl.

Greta said...

No - I love it! What a neat story and I've always thought it'd be cool to know exactly when your kids were conceived :).

Camille said...

I used to get so mad growing up because my birthday was right before Halloween, and my Halloween costume would oh-so-conveniently be one of my birthday presents.

Poor Wes is always the recipient of combo gifts because his birthday falls two days before Christmas...I usually intend to get him one "big" present to cover both occasions, but then I feel bad and get him something extra. I should probably stop trying to combine!

Congrats on the new wedding band - that's very exciting!

melissa richie said...

we always skip christmas presents and buy one big thing for our house - like art work or a rug - but i guess that's not really a combo story :)

good work, bob.

i bet your ring is gorgeous...and, i bet you're glad to have it back so you can stop being paranoid!


Michael said...


Katie said...

Picture please!!

Ann Marie said...

way to go Bob!! more diamonds are always acceptable!