Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Far, it Has Been a Nightmare

What's been a nightmare you ask? This.

Well, notsomuch the installation since that hasn't happened yet. More so the fact that our "tech" quit his job a couple days after he made his tardy appearance at our house. He never called anything in to our warranty company. He never ordered the new unit like he told us. He just quit.

That meant we had to have yet another tech come out. He came Monday. He came to the same conclusion and this time, I got to talk to the warranty company. As of Monday, the new unit was going to be installed that afternoon. Somebody didn't talk to somebody else soon enough and it didn't get done.

Today's the new big day. Will we have cool air upstairs or will we continue to try to sleep in 80+ degree, humid and stale air?

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Camille Platt said...

ugh what a nightmare. we have holes in our HVAC ducts under the house and instead of having someone come rip them out and replace them, i think we're just going to patch them ourselves. and by "ourselves," i mean daniel. if we let a company do it, not only would it cost a fortune but we'd be without AC for four days. and that's IF the project is on time.