Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Few Things I'm Missing

And please do not take this to mean that I'm not grateful for being pregnant. I'm just getting to that point where you can't not feel pregnant.

So here are a few things I'm missing:
- Sleeping on my stomach.
- Hugging my husband without having to push my rear out.
- Wine.
- Running...not that I was a big runner before I got pregnant. I just have a desire to now and it's probably because I can't.
- Bending over without making a sound.
- Holding Sam in my lap comfortably.
- Sleeping all the way through the night. (But I'll be missing that for at LEAST a few more months).
- The scale staying the same number for more than a week.
- Going up the stairs without getting winded. (Don't laugh.)

What about you? What do you/did you/will you miss while being pregnant?


Beth said...

Even at just 3 months pregnant, I miss:
* drinking soda (I'm having an aversion right now to my usual favorite -- carbonated beverages!)
* having a waist
* waking up the the morning and NOT feeling queasy

Where in the World are the Powells said...

Man, I am right there! I also have a cold, so I'm missing being able to take medicine that could make it go away!

Living at the beach makes me miss being in a bathing suit and not feeling like a beached whale!

I do miss coffee (though I sneak one every once in a while).

Shannon said...

girl enjoy you some wine!!! my doctor encouraged it and said it helped with the blood flow and to relax me :) if you need some company, call me :)

melissa richie said...

i especially missed walking normally. vale was so low i waddled from about 6 months on...lovely!

Camille Platt said...

- hot tubs (although i always get overheated and itchy after about 5 minutes)
- being able to walk to the back of Books-A-Million without wheezing
- food actually falling on the floor when i drop it and not onto my belly
- pelvic joints that don't ache
- living in the moment instead of the future!

i'm totally with you on bending over without making a sound. i also cannot get in and out of bed or flip from one side to the other without making some righteous noises. it's just so hard!

Jaci Spain said...

Sleeping on my stomach and not being able to hug my husband closely are big ones for me too:) And the getting up to pee 3-4 times a night is pretty brutal too!

Greta said...

Beth - congratulations! I heard you were pregnant. Great news :).

Grace - I feel ya on the beached whale thing. I should email you a recent picture of me at Splash Beach - gross!

Shannon - I just may ring you up!

Melissa - I feel for you although I tend to carry a bit higher up so I don't think I'm waddling quite yet. Thankfully. I think that would be so uncomfortable. Instead, I have baby in my ribs.

Camille - I miss hot tubs too, that's a good one. And the dropping food...I just wish I didn't drop so much stuff, period.

Jaci - I can't wait for all three of those things to be resolved!

jay&jeanna said...

I was with you on everything you said! I really missed not being able to sleep on my stomach (I couldn't get comfortable any other way), wine was definitely one I missed (people told me it was ok to have an occassional glass, but I was still too nervous to drink it), and for whatever reason, I was soo clumsy when I was pregnant. I dropped everything and bending over to pick it up was never fun, and I always seemed to trip on things, which always provided a good laugh for people around! ;) I missed not getting kicked in my right ribs and having to fight off that foot for my rib space 24/7!

But now, I really miss not feeling that sweet baby moving around inside of me, so enjoy that while it lasts! :)

Camille Platt said...

ohh i have another, but it's just here at the very end. i miss being able to ride in the passenger's seat and lean forward far enough to change the radio station.

Lauren said...

When I was pregnant with baby #2, I missed not coughing. I had a cold pretty much the entire time, and so I coughed non-stop, with no relief since I'm very conservative about OTC meds while pregnant. On a related note, as she grew bigger, I missed NOT peeing when I would cough or laugh real hard or sneeze. :o/

As far as sleeping on your stomach goes, have you tried the modified stomach sleeping position? You can use pillows (body and pregnancy pillows are helpful but not necessary) to prop yourself up and feel like you're on your stomach. I learned it from my Bradley books, but you might be able to find some help on the Spinning Babies website:

Lindsay said...

I definitely miss everything you mentioned. One thing I don't really miss, but it's a pain not being able to do is to carry a full laundry basket up and down our stairs. The combo of my big belly, the narrow stairwell, and my inability to take in adequate amounts of oxygen (especially on stairs) has been really bad for my laundry productivity. J.C. is usually scrambling for clean boxers and socks every morning. Poor guy...

Jenna said...

oh goodness, greta. i miss...
-beer, wine and moonshine, okay...i've never *had* moonshine
-indulging in unpasteurized cheeses (is brie bad? i had brie today. it was a "don't ask/don't tell" kinda situation.)
-sneezing w/o the threat of peeing
-um...small boobs, to be honest
-being able to stay awake for a movie

Rachel said...

Amen on the sleeping on my stomach thing - that was the hardest for me! I kept wanting my engineer hubby to build me a full length pillow with a hole in the middle for my stomach to hang thru so I could still sleep in my normal position!