Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Then & Now

Here's a sweet baby picture of these three friends from almost exactly a year ago. Look how tiny they were!

Savannah, Sam, Charlotte

And here they are today. I didn't try to get them to stand still together, forget sitting down and looking at me.

Charlotte, Savannah, Sam


Alicia said...

Isn't it amazing!

The other day at Gymboree I was watching Shiloh and a few of the other kids who have been in her class since we started attending (may '08) and it almost brought tears to my eyes thinking about "then and now"!

The difference a year makes, huh?!

Laura said...

Awww, I love it! I miss baby Sam! Is he having a good week? Mom said he's been lookin' for me. :( Sweet little munchkin. :)

Love you guys!

Andy, Kate, and family said...

Greta, I just wanted to say that I have two friends from my childhood and we started taking pictures like that first one when we were a year old. They, our parents, still do it to this day when we get together for family parties. So you never know what tradition you may have just started. :)

Ps- Our group was just like Sam's...two girls to one boy.

Anonymous said...

sad. i dont like it. -AJ

Leland said...

CUTE! i'm so glad you took pictures and posted that. they are three adorable kiddos. thank you SO much for taking MCM to play on tuesday. you are awesome.

Shea said...

Cute, cute! If only your readers saw the video of our little adventure. Hopefully, next time Savannah will share better!