Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He's Baaack

Yesterday, while Sam and I were at the pool with Courtney, MCM & LCM, this kid made another appearance.

He greeted me with, "So, are you pregnant, or what?!"
I answered, "Yep, I'm still pregnant." (in a slightly annoyed voice, I've gotta be honest)

Creepy Kid: "How long have you even been pregnant?"
Me: "I've been pregnant for 9 months."

And later.

Creepy Kid: "You don't have rings on your hand! WHY NOT?!
Me: "I forgot to put them on. You don't have rings on your hands either. Why not?"
Creepy Kid: "Uhhh, I don't wear rings on my hands."

And even later.

Sam had been playing with a bush behind the pool chairs. I can only guess that he pulled off some leaves and rubbed them on his head, irritating the skin or scratching it because he started crying and saying "ouch, off, off, ouch, off, off!" You get the idea.
So, I rinsed his head under the shower and took him in the pool to dunk him, thinking the cool water would ease the pain. As I sat on the stairs trying to figure out what was making my kid scream like he was in pain, Creepy Kid broke the last straw.

Creepy Kid: "What's his problem?!"
Me: (A little, ok a lot, fed up with this kid and his underwater surveillance). "Can you just leave us alone for a few minutes, please?"

Next thing I know, the kid is leaving the pool. Oops. I felt pretty bad until Courtney told me his mom had come to pick him up. Whew.


Laura said...

LOL! Love it! Hope Sam's head is okay. :)

Lindsay said...


Rachel said...

Wow. . . hopefully for you that kid will be going back to school VERY soon.

melissa richie said...

i think i understand why that mother is dropping her kid off at the pool...she's probably creeped out by him, too.

so weird!!!

Courtney said...

total creeper. that kid was WEIRD. honestly, you shouldn't feel bad, because i'm pretty sure i would've flown off the handle with the ring comment.