Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's the Cheeky One

Sam has recently gotten into Thomas the Train. The show comes on Saturday mornings and I've DVRed a few so we can watch them as needed throughout the week. Anyway, he's got two of those books with sound buttons.

They are not my favorite books.
Especially because he always wants to read them before he goes to sleep.

Anyway, would you laugh at me if I told you I read them to him with my very best British accent?


Laura said...

I would think you're a super fabulous mom... and then I would giggle a little. :)

megan and nick said...

i'm not laughing, but i do think it's hysterical! does sam look at you funny when you talk like that?

Ann Marie said...

hahaha! yes, I laugh, but its TOTALLY something I would do too! :)

Rachel said...

Isn't it the most retarded show? I've actually gotten quite used to it and (almost) like Thomas the Train now.

ESPECIALLY since they went digital - the old ones are taped like claymations or something- all of the people are wooden and the train's mouths don't even move. So you're lucky that you just started in the past couple of weeks - if you'd started 2 months ago, you'd have REALLY loved it.

Greta said...

Oh, we didn't just start. We just got the 2nd book though. I've seen the claymation...they're nothing to turn your nose up at ;).

And Megan, Sam doesn't look at me funny. But who knows what he's thinking? "My mom is ca-razy".

Bek* said...

absolutely not because i used to sing the song with a british accent to the kid i nannied! i mean, it's ringo starr. it's so rock n roll. :)