Monday, July 20, 2009

Take Your Best Shot

As of Saturday, I was 37 weeks. That makes me 37 weeks and 2 days today, but who's counting. I probably shouldn't be. That's because I went 13 days overdue with Sam.

All this leads me to my point. I wanna hear when you guys think this little one will make his debut. Here are some factors that may help you make your guess.

My mom went 3 weeks overdue (and then had to be induced) with her first, me.
I went 2 weeks overdue (and then had to be induced) with my first, Sam.

My middle sister is about 21 months younger than me.
My second babe will be about 21 months younger than Sam.

Said sister came on her due date.
My youngest sister came 6 weeks early.

Guess away! And let me know if you've got any questions that might make your guessing easier. I believe it would help for me to mention that my official due date is August 8th.
Whoever is the closest to the actual date will get a little something fun!


Beth said...

I'm guessing August 11. Not really sure why. But, why not? Based on the info. you provided, I'm not sure I can come up with a better guess! ;)
Good luck!

Shilo Dawn Hand Prints said...

Hey Greta -

Saw your mom at Robyn Harris's wedding! She seemed so excited to be moving closer to y'all! Isn't it wonderful to have great moms? Hope you are well.

13 Days overdue with your first!!! AHHH. I'll guess August 6th (it's our anniversary).


Alicia said...

My guess is August 8th!

Camille said...

My guess is August 14th, not really sure why.

Tiffany said... guess is August 5th. It's the next full moon, which just might (hopefully) get the baby here early! I know you hope I'm right so far!

melissa richie said...

August 12th, 4:23 pm.

I can't believe that it's already that time! I'll be thinking about you over the next few weeks.

Oh, and I thought some would think my post had something to do about a Richie baby...note the post name change :) we're not quite there, yet!


Jaci Spain said...

I'm guessing you will be induced on Aug. 11th.

Shea said...

My guess is the 9th!

Kristina said...

august 10! thats rolandos are going to have a leo boy! my man, my dad and my brother are all leos! they are fun ones :)

Jeanna said...

How exciting.. you're getting so close! Hmm, I'll guess August 13th. Parker was born on Jan. 13th so I think the 13th is a good day! ;)

Where in the World are the Powells said...

reiviGreta, We will go with what our little boy was, 5 days late; Aug 11! hope it goes great!

Michael said...

August 10th is my guess.

Shannon said...

My guess is July 31st, it's emi's birthday and she was my late one so maybe that will be a lucky date for you and make you come early :)