Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Becoming Apparent that I Have a Problem

When one posts about food as often as I do, like here, here, here...and here, people may begin to wonder.

People may begin to wonder things like, "Does that girl do anything besides eat?", "How big is she really?" and they may even challenge each other with thoughts like this, "Is there anything she won't eat? I mean seriously. Give her a Mr. Pibb and I bet she'll eat it!"

So, since people are probably wondering all that, let me attempt to distract you with this little bit of news. Tomorrow is National Cheesecake Day (who knew it even existed?!). The Cheesecake Factory is selling cheesecake for 50%. The only catch is that you have to dine-in...which foiled my little plan of running by to get some to go. Who wants to wait an hour - wait, who wants to wait 2....argh, who am I kidding? Who wants to wait 3 hours for a half-price piece of cheesecake?


julie said...

they want you to eat a meal first.

which, really, at the cheesecake factory, is 2 meals. so you're getting 2 meals at 50% off each (that's the way i see it when i eat there) AND a slice of cheesecake for 50% off.

it's totally worth it.

do i work for the cheesecake factory? no. i just like food.

and i don't think you talk about it too much by the way.

Jenna said...

all i want to blog about these days is food. i've been holding back, i tell you!

christiejones said...

Thanks for your comment Greta!! Tell Bob we thank him too-we think.:) too funny.