Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Modesty's Sake

Remember a while back, when I told y'all about this awesome nursing cover?

Well, now that I've had a chance to use it, let me say with experience on my side that I.love.it!

The nursing cover...it's not a new idea. However, it is a handy contraption. And, I'm obsessed with the fabric on mine. Honestly, I'd love to have a shirt, or a bag like this, made out of the same fabric. (Or if I had a little girl, how perfect would this be?)

Need one for you? Or need one for a baby shower (this would make an awesome gift!)?

You can't go wrong ordering from my friend Jenna. And if you don't have her blog in your reader, you need to go ahead and do that. She's hilarious.


melissa richie said...

I loved my "hooter hider" but Vale hated it! She would just get so hot, she'd freak out and quit nursing. I feel trapped not being able to nurse around anyone else.

I am glad that you and Gray like it! The fabric is lovely!

Camille Platt said...

i have one! i like the idea a lot but aaron usually gets one of his arms out the side and starts yanking around. i mostly use it at home when we have company. haven't actually tried it in "real public" yet. might require too much coordination!

Lindsay said...

They are pretty nifty. I've been a lot more gutsy about nursing in public since I got mine. This time around I just couldn't stomach the thought of secluding myself in an empty room to stare at a wall any time I had to feed my child when we weren't home. It's a life saver!

Where in the World are the Powells said...

THanks for posting this! I remembered it and have been thinking lately that I need to get one!!!