Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raise Your Hand if You Want to Cut Down on Your Workload

Do you ever figure out something that should seem so obvious and wonder why it took you so long to start doing it? Or, in my case, you don't figure it out on your own, someone else suggets it to you...
Well, if so, I would love to hear about it. I've listed two things my mom and sister pointed out to me. I appreciate the tips but they left me wondering what else am I doing that just makes more work for myself.

Sippy Cups
What I used to do - Put the cups in the cabinet, the lids and stoppers in the silverware drawer.
What I do now - Put the stoppers in the lids, lids on the cups and cups in the cabinet.

Silverware in the Dishwasher
What I used to do - Throw the silverware in the basket wherever.
What I do now - Sort the knives, forks, spoons, sharp knives and Sam's utensils into their own sections. That way, I can just grab a handful and put it all in the same section in the silverware drawer.

Do you have any obvious time-savers that I may not have heard of? Please share.


Lindsay said...

I'm always afraid that if I put the spoons together in the same dishwasher compartment that they'll "spoon" each other and not get clean. I'm sure this probably wouldn't happen, but that's what makes me intentionally not put them together.

melissa richie said...

I don't really have any great time-saver tips on the top of my head, but I'll keep thinking...

I did buy a dustbuster recently, and it has revolutionized my cleaning! So much quicker. I whip it out even to clean off the crumbs from Vale's high chair tray!