Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas Cards, Get Your Christmas Cards

I'm designing and selling Christmas cards again this year! I had such a good time with it last year, it only seemed fitting. If you've got the perfect family picture, or couple of pictures, but need a little help with the card, click here. I've got lots of options. You can order your cards and have me design, print and ship them to you (that includes envelopes with your return address printed on them) or you can purchase a digital file. If you go the digital file route, you just need to email me your picture(s), I assemble the card and email it to you so you can get it printed at your convenience and wherever you want!

Here's our card from last year...

My friend, Ashley, and I have this joint venture...we call it, Shoot & Send. She does a photo shoot, and I design and print the cards. All you do is look cool in the shots, then sit back and wait for your cards to come in. Easy, right? If you are interested, let me know so we can book a shoot for you. (Email me through my profile page...go to the bottom of the right column, or just leave a comment letting me know).

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