Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No pictures in this one

So I haven't really blogged anything of much substance recently. Not to say what I've blogged about hasn't been important (i.e. the kiddos). But I know not everyone wants to look at pictures of the two cutest little boys there ever were. ::wink wink::

This isn't going to have a whole lot of substance either, but one thing it won't have is pictures.
Bob and grandparents, sorry. Everyone else, you're welcome.

1 - I need a maid. It's official. I cannot keep my house picked up, let alone actually clean while protecting Grey, changing 12+diapers a day, playing with 2 boys and preparing meals. I can't do it. You probably can. I can't. AND, I'm tired of beating myself up about it everyday.


2 - Sam cracks me up. It is unreal what he understands and can communicate. Recent developments include us actually dialoguing....which is weird.

3 - I am now convinced that males come out of the womb able to selectively ignore what they don't want to hear focus rather intently.

4 - For Halloween, Sam's going to be a monkey and Grey's going to be a banana. Is that weird?

5 - Do you think I could convince Bob to dress up like The Man in the Yellow Hat?

6 - I heart the Swaddle Me. Why didn't I have one of these with Sam? Duh.

7 - For some reason, I'm obsessed with diaper burp cloths with decorator fabric off Etsy, like this, this, this, and this. The way things are going now, I can't have too many.

8 - I love sweaters, cardigans especially. I'm so glad it's now actually possible to wear them on some days without sweating my face off.

9 - I've had no less than 20 pumpkin spice lattes since they started selling them again. Hi there calories, you sure do taste delicious.

10 - When Sam was 4 months old, I was ready to start thinking about having another kid. I can not imagine feeling that way when Grey is 4 months. We'll see though...crazier things have happened.


julie said...

okay - for starters, i love both types of your posts. pictures and words. and the ones with both are cool, too. unlike you, i feel like i write too much. i've actually had complaints from friends that i don't post enough pictures... apparently i'm not a good writer ;)
- please please please make (i mean, convince) bob to wear that outfit.
- yes, it's a little weird that sam is a monkey and grey will be a banana. on the other hand. when else can you promote such wonderful black mail photo ops?
-i have a swaddle me that i got from a friend. so glad you like them!
-you should NOT beat yourself up about not being able to keep the house clean. the fact that you get dinner on the table with 2 kids (boys) is a miracle and i'm proud of you.
-i had a pumpkin spice steamer from starbucks on sunday night. it was incredible.

Ashley said...

Um...I think the monkey and banana idea is awesome and I hope you are able to talk Bob into being the man with the yellow hat!

Kim said...

When Corin and Silas were two and itty bitty, Corin was Martin Luther and Silas was the 95 thesis. I love those pictures.
I'm still shaking off feeling like crap when the baby is two months old. You'll get the hang of it. I get a little more organized with each kid I have. I told Quinn that I'd be immaculate if we had a dozen children.

Natalie said...

I'm so tired of trying to keep my house clean JUST because my inner mommy feels guilty.
I want a maid too!

Lauren said...

Thanks for updating us! I love the pictures of the cuties, but I love hearing from you too!

1 - Stop beating yourself up about it. Even those who are able to pick up/clean up have days, weeks, and months when it just doesn't work quite the way we think it should. And for what it's worth, I've already told DH that when we can afford it, I'll be more than happy to hire a weekly maid to free me up to spend more time with the babes. That said, Grey is basically still a newborn, so cut yourself some slack. :)

2 - It only gets more fun. :)

5 - PLEASE DO THIS!! And take pictures.

10 - I was the exact same way with ours. But...give it time. :) Maybe when he starts sitting up and acting like he's going to crawl you'll start to get "baby fever" for another little one!

Lindsay said...

I'm with you on the maid thing. That would be so great! You'd think that being a stay at home mom would make it so much easier keeping a clean house, but I've learned that it's a million times harder than when I worked because we're home all day messing things up! I gave up on the guilt a long time ago, though. I'd feel pretty guilty if I were sitting around eating bonbons all day. But, I'm definitely not doing that, so why torture myself about the mess? Thankfully J.C. is on board with this way of thinking.

Camille said...

First, Man in the yellow hat is a MUST. Best idea ever.

Second, pumpkin spice lattes are the bomb! I'm obsessed as well.

Third, hire the maid! It takes so much pressure off of you and is just plain worth it. It's amazing how my budget has just worked around that expense (i.e., less frivolous trips to Target where I can easily spend the cost of a maid visit on a cart full of "stuff.") It's so great when I can come home on "maid day" and everything is crisp and clean!

Ann Marie said...

#1 We've already discussed this, so no judgement here! Besides, I feel like I need a maid and I dont even have kids! :-/ Talk about a failure!

#4 No that is the cutest idea ever!

#5 Definately convince/beg Bob to the Man In the Yellow Hat!!

#6 I think I want a Swaddle Me...for me! :) I guess I'll have to make do with a Snuggie!

melissa richie said...

you're making me crave a pumpkin spice latte right perfect on this rainy day!

i think you're doing so well with the stuff that really matters (protecting grey, ect. ) so yes, cut yourself some slack about that house. hear me when i say that i am giving you advice that i don't listen to myself :)

Shea said...

We so need to get together soon! It's been forever! And, I couldn't agree more about needing a maid! It drives me crazy!! Also, love the swaddle-me thing - didn't have one with Savannah either but used it with Graham until he was way big. Actually I still use it every now and then for him now - just the lower half (arms out). Anyways, let's get together soon!

Cannonicity said...

1. I can't keep up with my house and I have no children. Pah.

2. I love when they can talk to you so funny and cute! I am now convinced that 3 is the best age. They are potty trained, hilarious, and pretty independent!

4. Adorable! What are you going to be?

5. I would pay to see that :)

6. I heart the Swaddle Me! The good thing about being a nanny is I have personally been able to test out almost all options of baby/toddler equipment and know what is the bomb, and will register for such items one day :)

8.I am glad its cooler there! Don't you love cozy sweaters? I just found this long sweatshirt type thing at Aerie. The most comfortable thing ever. This is my second day in a row wearing. I am pretty sure I am going to wear it tomorrow.

9. I think I should of just blogged all this....ha sorry. Miss you girl.

Anonymous said...

Well, anyone who knows you very well knows who you are going to be...yourself...Curious Greta! I love you, Mom/Ebee

Rachel said...

I would LOVE to see Bob as the Man With The Yellow Hat. And you could be the dinosaur museum lady that the MWTYH has undeniable sexual tension with.

Jenna said...

(sorry, i'm just catching up on blogs!!! ridiculous, i know, but i've been trying to get things done before the baby arrives, which is apparently...never!!!)

1. Give yourself a break. The reason I'm cleaning like a mad woman now is because I KNOW that when this baby gets here, I'll be patting myself on the back if I get a shower! Dinner? Clean house? Give yourself a full six months to recover your multi-tasking abilities. I'm passing along advice given to me...and I'll be applying it to myself (if this baby ever comes out!).

2. LOVE conversations w/ two year olds. Had completely forgotten the entertainment value.

3. yup.

4. Laughed OUT loud. Not weird. perfect.

8. I love sweaters, too. I wish I had more than ONE that fit.

9. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the bomb-diggety, fo sho.

10. Yeah...I took a break after the first two. I'm so curious if the second set will be as challenging to me as the first set. I had the first two, two years apart. Then there was almost a five year gap. And now these will be two years apart.