Monday, October 5, 2009

Slipping Right into His New Role

Sam is, slipping into his role as big brother. He is all the time regurgitating what I say comforting and instructing Grey.
His favorite seems to be, "It's ok Baby Grey", which sounds a lot more like, "S'ok Baby Grey."

Today, Grey was chilling on the floor, anxiously awaiting a lesson from Sam.
And that's just what he got. Here it is in pictures, with captions.

"Here go, Baby Grey."

"Eyes open, Baby Grey."
(Apparently there was some confusion over body parts in this part of the lesson).

"Goop (scoop) Baby Grey feet."
(Maybe the most important lesson taught today. "How to Use a Front End Loader")


Camille Platt said...

that's really cute. how many months apart are they?

Greta said...

They are about 21 months apart.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why Sam doesn't seem to get it when we say, "don't put your finger in your eye". I wonder what he thinks when we tell him not to put his finger in his nose? Ebee

Laura said...

Haha! Mom you're hilarious. :)

They're so cute, G! And I think I might get to come visit soon!!! Yay!

Rachel said...

they are SOOO cute! Those front-end loader lessons will come in quite handy...maybe he could load Grey's diapers up and take 'em out for you?