Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jesus Got Hurt and Here's How a 2 Year Old Would Fix Him

On the way home from church Sunday, I asked Sam what he learned about in the nursery. (I guess I should refer to it as Sunday School since they have lessons and I'm expecting him to have learned something...)

Anyway, here's how the conversation went:
Me: Sam, what'd you learn about in the nursery today?
Sam: Hmm, Jesus.
M: What happened to Jesus?
S: Got hurt.
M: Who helped Him?
S: ....God.
(At this point, I'm thinking, "wow, they're teaching about the crucifixion and resurrection already...and he's remembering it?!")
M: What did God do?
S: Put lotion on it.

And then later answering the same question of who helped Jesus, Sam responded:
S: Ebee Poppa (my parents)
M: What did they give Him?
S: Money.


Lauren said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! "lotion" Perfect. I love their little hearts.

Last night Hubs was reading a book about lying to WM, and the kids broke a vase. Husband got to the part of the book where it says, "Broken trust isn't as easy to fix as a broken vase."

WM chirped up: You could just put some glue or tape on it or sumpin'.

Greta said...

That's precious!

Cannonicity said...

Haha this is so funny. Caleb says funny things about Jesus too. I asked him how he came to earth, (kinda trying to talk about the Christmas story) And he said :Umm I think it was a rocketship? haha

Greta said...

The other day, I was pointing out the characters in a nativity scene to Sam. He identified Baby Jesus and said, "Baby Jesus came out!" I asked, "Came out of what?" and he said, "Egg, came out egg!"

Poor little guy...he was so pleased with himself ;).