Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Holy COW. That's hysterical and digusting at the same time. I LOVE the tags at the bottom- sooo funny.

I thought it was a noodle he'd stuck up his nose....oh, wow.

Alicia said...

I thought it was a noodle too. This is definitely a picture to hold on to for his future wife or girlfriends!

melissa richie said...

Sweet mercy. I am really glad I saw that on an empty stomach.

He looks like a little man, Greta!!!

Jenna said...

nice. clicked through from twitter with the "tasty" tagline. totally was expecting a recipe for thanksgiving.

well done.

oh, and on the lotion/jesus conversation...LOVED that post. i thought to myself, "let the awesome toddler convo posts begin..."