Friday, November 27, 2009

Toddler Musings: Kiss it

Like most children, when he gets injured, Sam likes to get a kiss on whatever is hurt. Usually, that's not a problem. That's just to help you understand the root of the following conversation.

While riding in the car...
Sam: Daddy's happy!
Me: Well...
Bob: Daddy's not happy. Daddy doesn't feel good.
Me: Daddy's head and tummy hurt.
S: And bottom.
Me: No, I don't think his bottom hurts.

About 15 seconds pass.

S: Kiss Daddy head and tummy.
M: Awww, that's so sweet Buddy. You wanna kiss Daddy's head so it feels better?
S: Yes. And bottom.

Go right ahead Sam, go right ahead.


Jonathan Taylor Owen said...

i can't tell you how many times Sam comes up in our conversations. We just think he's the funniest little guy. And Grey is the cutest little baby. It makes me get excited about having ours.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Lindsay said...

That's hilarious. Love that little guy!

Rachel said...

Love it! Ali kissed her own bottom yesterday because it hurt. It's great when they can self-serve their injuries. Especially those.