Thursday, December 31, 2009

And So it Began to Deteriorate

Bob gets mouth ulcers. Really bad mouth ulcers. The kind that make you cringe when you see them. Anyway, he used to get them fairly regularly and since death month, when he had roughly 40 in his throat (, neither of us can remember him getting one this year.

And then last week rolled around. And he got a "sore throat"...otherwise known as an ulcer...on his UVULA. On his uvula, people. Who even knew that was possible?


Part of it is missing. Just gone. Burned off by the ulcer, I suppose.
At least there was just one this time.


Jenna said...

yikes! my husband used to get them really badly. (or course, that ALSO corresponded with some medication he was his colitis issues...correlation??)

i have a friend who had them really bad and then took a supplement that made them go away for the most part. all i have to do is remember which friend that was...

hang in there, uvula...i mean, bob!

Lindsay said...

That's a special picture...

Ouch! Poor Bob!

Lauren said...

This makes me cringe - how awful!

Rachel said...

That is my life as well. I thought I had strep throat one time because my whole throat looked white. Nope - just another one of my friends the mouth ulcers.


I have found something this year that has changed my life, and that's huge because I have literally tried everything in the market. It's a prescription dental paste (I'll get you the name of it), and if I put it on at night when I see one coming (or when I bite my lip - also happens a lot and turns into the hugest ulcers), they literally don't happen.

It's really amazing. And I am so thrilled.

Of course, it wouldn't help with throat and uvula ones...only mouth, gum and tongue ones.

At any rate, I feel his pain.

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