Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of 2009

Why not call it what it is, right?
Bear with me as I attempt to recap our year in short sentences and links.

January was a rough month. There's an understatement.

Bob had a close call. However, that experience has had a lot of positive reprecussions in our lives.

We found out we were going to have another boy.

We went to the Grove Park Inn.

I was propositioned by a trucker.

We went camping.

We went to the beach.

I turned 27.

We celebrated 5 years of marriage!

Sam cultivated some friendships.

I made a new friend at the pool.

I got really big and then, Grey came to meet us!

We went camping again.

Sam turned 2!

The boys and I went to NC to introduce Grey to some great-grandparents.

We bought our first artificial tree. (Eeek!) Which I would be upset about except that it's for the boys and it'll stay upstairs. (I have a secret fantasy about having a tree in each person's room (and the living room) and this is the only way it can happen.)

nd a bunch of other stuff to fill in the gaps. Check ya later, '09.

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Laura said...

Thanks for the re-cap. It was fun to look through and remember the year. Love you! Happy New Year!