Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who Knew Our House Could be So Quiet?

A couple weekends ago, our friends Amy and Tyler, along with their two boys, came to visit.

In case you missed it earlier, Tyler just wrote a book, Everyday Absurdities, and if you haven't bought it yet, do it. Do it now.

Anyway, we had such a fun time hanging out with them, playing with their boys and Amy and I enjoyed a great chat on a nice long walk. This was one of the weekends with awesome weather!

We had loud, crazy, fun meals and a silent, restful night. I went to bed thinking that I love having a house full of people and that I can't believe how quiet our house could be with 4 adults and 4 boys under the age of 3.

I don't know how I let it happen, but we didn't get a picture of everyone together :(. Here are a few of the ones I did get.

Baylor entertaining Sam.

Curious George entertaining Bay and Sam.

Fun at the park.

Dinner. Crazy, fun dinner.
Amy, Tyler, and family, please come back whenever you want!

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