Monday, March 8, 2010


Some of you were amazingly close and some not so much. In fact, I'm wondering if I need to learn a little more about couponing from y'all! Rebekah? Them giving me $.10? That would've been impressive!

With a guess of $32.94, only $1.58 off, Angela is the winner. Wahoo! Ang, email me with your address and I'll stick the Starbucks card in the mail :).

In case you're curious, here's the breakdown:

Not on sale - black
On sale - blue
On sale and coupon - red
- 1 baguette $1.79
- 1 bag of Doritos $1.99
- 1 box of Lucky Charms $.97
- 1 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $.97
- 2 pouches of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $.97 each
- 2 pouches of Fisher's trail mix $.50 each
- 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $.90 each
- 2 blocks of Kraft cheese $1.17 each
- 1 box of Uncrustables (are these gross? never tried them before) $1
- 6 cans of Progresso soup $.42 each
- 6 cans of Green Giant corn $.48 each
- 1 can of Pam $1
- 1 carton of Egg Beaters $.67
- 1 gallon of Publix organic milk $4.99
- 1 pkg. of strawberries $1.67
- 1 pkg. of organic carrots $1.50
- 8 bags of Green Giant Steamers $.32 each
I'm off a couple cents somewhere, but you get the idea.

So, who all is couponing? I'd love to hear about one of your best runs.


Laura said...

You should ask Grace. And I've heard of people getting money back before... crazy talk.

Lindsay said...

So close.....

Where in the World are the Powells said...

Yeah, our grocery store doubles coupons up to $.99 and then sometimes they triple them! We had some specials a while back and I bought about $60 worth of groceries and left $3.50 richer! It was pretty awesome!

Greta said...

Wow, that's amazing Grace! Our store doubles up to .50 but I've never heard of a store that will triple a coupon. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm trying. I spent $24 yesterday and saved $45. It's all about that crazy Sunday paper. If I can ever get this under control, my next task is to conquer CVS. (:
April S.