Friday, May 14, 2010

Let Me Tell You About the Night My 9-month-old Rode on a Motorcycle

So I had this wacked out dream about Grey.

Let me set the stage.
In a large parking lot, think big empty mall parking lot, Bob and I were in one car, pulled up beside but facing the opposite direction as the minivan my parents were in.

Who knows what we were talking about but I looked up and realized Grey was on tan sport-touring bike, enclosed somehow, maybe in a gigantic helmet. So really, all you could see was this huge helmet sitting on the bike with tiny little arms extending from it somehow.

Anyway, I watched as he turned out on big road, for you B'ham folks, think 280ish, and drove up a steep embankment into the parking lot of a restaurant. For some reason, I think it was an Olive Garden. Maybe not. Irrelevant.

He was being followed by a police car. As in, the police car was headed up the embankment behind him. Somehow, I stopped the police car to hand him my discover card thinking, surely this is going to cost us something. I'll just go ahead and pay for whatever he was going to charge Grey.

Bob and I drove up and around the road to the restaurant parking lot. We saw the cop, who had pulled someone else over...but no bike and no Grey.

We couldn't find him anywhere and as you could imagine, if you saw your 9 month old baby drive away on a motorcycle and then you couldn't find him, I was completely freaking out.

We headed back down to that main 280ish road and drove for hours, into what seemed like a National Park. At some point, the road stopped and just curved right back around...sort of like it u-turned itself.

After driving hours back down that same road, we got back to the restaurant parking lot and heard, from someone, that there had been a car wreck.

Apparently these people took Grey, put him in the car, in a pumpkin seat no doubt, wrecked their car by somehow hitting the top of a parking deck, after which their car caught on fire. They were all taken to the hospital and Grey ended up being ok.

Just like that.


Occasionally, when I have these crazy dreams, I can decipher exactly where parts of them came from. This particular dream came the same night I watched an episode of House where a woman was in the hospital with her newborn baby. The baby disappeared and at the end of the show, they found the baby and he was completely fine.

Sound vaguely similar? I'm so original.


melissa richie said...

oh, wacked out pregnancy dreams, how i love thee.

Katie said...

laughing and laughing....the olive garden part cracked me up. I can almost picture the whole thing. Glad it was only a dream and baby grey is safe! Although I guess he made it through the whole thing unscathed anyway....

Emily said...

I love House and saw that episode. I never thought of how it could affect a parent's dreams, until now.. As a woman who is trying to get pregnant and has always has super vivid dreams, apparently, I have something to look forward to ;) Thanks for sharing.