Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 Month Picture - Or Lack Thereof

Since I'm 15 weeks as of yesterday, I've decided to nix the 3 month picture and just give you a 4 month picture in a couple weeks.

By the way, our big ultrasound is June 9. That's in 3 weeks. Bob and I are still undecided on whether or not we're going to find out the gender of this baby.

Part of me feels like that's silly since we've already had two boys, it just seems like, duh, of course it'll be another boy. On the other hand, Bob really wants a girl. I don't like the thought of knowing Bob's disappointed if we don't know until delivery day and then out pops a boy. Maybe I'm also a little nervous about whether or not I'd have any disappointment...? I THINK I would like to have 3 boys. Of course I want a girl, but both options are looking good to me.

How's that for a "thought-dump?"

I know everyone has an opinion on whether or not we should find out, soooo, I'm giving you permission. Sound off in the comments. And if you feel so inclined, give a reason with your argument. You just might help us make this decision.

And for good measure. (These two at the pool are a HANDFUL!)


Jaci Spain said...

I'm all about finding out ahead of time. Mainly because I'm a planner and I like to know how to plan. And I agree with your point on having some time to get used to another boy or your first girl:) Either way, it's exciting and a blessing.

Natalie said...

Awww, it's so exciting to wait, I'm sure(I have never been patient enough) BUT I was FULLY expecting a girl this time and just seeing on an ultrasound that it was indeed a BOY was so shocking to me that I was speechless. I personally would only want to know if my heart was set on one or the other (which it has been each time).
Good luck!

Lauren said...

You know, the only reason we didn't find out this time was because we already had 1 of each. :) If we had had 2 boys first, I would have opted to find out with this third. AND because their birthdays are all so close together, so we knew we had right sizes for the right seasons for both boys and girls. :)

But you know, I think that no matter what you choose, you'll be happy you did!

Rachel said...

Well, I'm all about finding out because I don't want any emotional surprises (from myself mostly - I don't think Chris is quite as capable of emotional surprises as me), and because I REALLY like to plan.

But hey - either works. Now it's just to decide which way to go!

btw - you look amazing for being 15 weeks along. Geesh.

julie said...

i wanted to know with levi because ... well, because i'm totally impatient, really.
i think that if you're going to be upset with one way - that you should find out. that way - there's NO sadness whatsoever when the babe arrives. (although, is there EVER sadness when the babe arrives? i mean really. let's just be real here)

the argument to wait has always made me excited. i do love a good surprise.

we talk about being surprised with one of our pregnancies in the future. will we do it? prolly not.
i like shopping at the goodwill for clothes too much to wait. lame.

ps- i'm super excited you're preggers again.

Anonymous said...

Greta, since God blessed me with a boy, a girl, a boy, and a girl, I really don't have an opinion on whether you should find out before the birth. Of course, in my day, we had no choice. We just had to wait and see what we had when the baby arrived. I'm sure you will be happy with a boy or a girl, or maybe both (?). Love, MM

Jess the Mess said...

Well, there is absolutely no way I could ever wait. I started counting down the days till the big ultrasound both times I found out I was pregnant. I always feel like knowing helps you prepare mentally. I really wanted a girl with #2 and was worried that if I waited till delivery and out popped a boy, I would feel this weird disappointment at the beginning of this new child's life (not that I wouldn't have loved him anyways, obviously). At least if you find out ahead of time, you'll have a good 5 months to adjust to the "gender news". But that's just my opinion =)

Anonymous said...

Either way, the blanket is brown with hearts. Ebee

Jenna said...

i don't think you could truly be disappointed either way. i wish i just had ONE time that i didn't find out. on the other hand, i feel like it's a bit easier to connect with the baby when you know if it's a boy or a girl. i like knowing if i got a little buddy in there or a little girl.

Leanne and Taylor said...

First, congrats on your 2 gorgeous boys!! Second, your blog is great and inspiring...I'm the worst blogger but trying so hard to update it more often.
Last, my vote is to not find out the sex of the new baby. We loved having the surprise at the birth, and I don't think it's possible to be disappointed when you are holding that beautiful baby in your arms...just my thoughts. Best of luck to you and your growing family!!

Lindsay said...

hhmmm... Tough one. Really, since you guys didn't find out with Sam and did with Grey, you would know better than most people what type of emotions play out in both scenarios. I would think that you probably wouldn't feel any form of disappointment if they announced it was a boy at delivery. After all, you're meeting your baby for the first time and that's exciting no matter what. But, you'd probably be REALLY excited if they announced it was a girl. Excitement and celebration either way - just a little higher pitched of a squeal if it was a girl.

On a purely selfish note, I hope you find out just because I'd like to know. I'm sure that will weigh heavily in your decision process ;).

Jess the Mess said...

Just wanted to amend my earlier comment. I guess using the word "disappointment" wasn't the best choice and I didn't mean it to sound that way. I mean, the strongest feeling of disappointment I ever felt during the birth of a child is when McKaylee was first born. They put this precious girl on my chest right after she was born and I went to check to make sure....well, to make sure she was really a girl and she peed on me. A nice way to greet your momma for the first time...