Friday, May 7, 2010

9 Months

Over the past month, you've become quite a bit more mobile, cruising and even climbing a few stairs (shame, shame). Guess the gate's going up soon. Boo.

You've also got a teensy bit of a temper. I don't know who that could've come from ::quietly whistles and looks away::.

You're still super smiley, sweet, and you like to snuggle. I love when you lean your head on my shoulder.

You and Sam are getting better about playing by each other. I won't say playing with each other just yet. Although, you do both like to wrestle. Is it wrong that I set that up? Really, it's you and me vs. Sam. He likes to lay on you and you, apparently, thinks it's hilarious.


julie said...

oh my word, how much do i love him???

i, also, have a temper. i can already see it in levi sometimes. oops.

love those sequence of pics! too adorable!!

and what would be the fun of having 2 boys if not to pin them against each other in a wrestling match. i mean, really.

Jenna said...

it may or may not be your birthday:)have a good day either way!