Thursday, May 6, 2010

If We Were Hanging Out...

Here are a few things I'd tell you about.

Tomorrow, through May 16th, between 3 and 5, you can get a half price frappacino from Starbucks. Wahoo! It's offically called Starbucks Happy Hour.

Next Tuesday, May 11th, which may or may not be my birthday, you can get a free small iced coffee fom Dunkin Donuts. (no purchase necessary)


I have two picture posts on the way. One - Grey's 9 months and two - my 3 month belly picture.
I read a blog of a girl who did belly pictures and she included all kinds of stats - weight gain/loss, cravings, signs of pregnancy, etc. I always liked reading her stats but when thinking about putting them on my posts, it seems self-indulgent. Is it? Would you wanna know?


Natalie said...

I would want to know, but I'm the wrong person to ask, seeing as everything pregnancy and birth interests me. :D

Alicia said...


Plus, you might enjoy reading the posts down the road when this pregnancy is just a memory.

Laura said...

I wanna' know.

Jenna said...

1. i'm too self-conscious to talk about my weight gain/loss. i've NEVER lost weight during a pregnancy. i start gaining immediately.

2. cravings are always interesting to me.

3. as for signs of pregnancy, i'm quite sure i don't have to tell you to spare me the graphic details, but seriously...there are some words or images that i just don't need to associate w/ people. (and i just reread your birth story to make sure, and you're totally appropriate...and my eyes started to water, because really, babies and pregnancy and birth are such gifts from the Lord. and i wish i would have read your post when i was going into labor. i think it would have helped me get my gameface on better.)

go for it!

Rachel said...

I find stats and details interesting....I say go for it. It's your blog, after all. It's kinda sorta supposed to be about you.

Lindsay said...

I also say go for it with the stats. I find that stuff interesting.

Funny video!

melissa richie said...

i still can't believe you're pregnant :)

you're a braver woman than i am to post stats. belly shots are about all i can muster up the courage to do.

however, with this second pregnancy, i wish i had all the details of my first so i could compare. of course, i haven't written a thing down about this one, so once #3 comes along, i'm no better off.

so, post away! i think you'll be happy you did.

Bek* said...

bring on the stats!

Lauren said...

Love the Swagger Wagon video. I wonder if everyone else noticed it. I missed it the first time I look at it the post. It is awesome. I don't want anyone to miss it.

Camille said...

I'd be interested!

By the way...starting later this month did you know you can reserve a new spicy chicken sandwich at CFA for a preview day??

I know how much you love the CFA, and this is a big development!

julie said...

stats, stats, stats!

how did this post get past my google-reader? i would have told you much sooner to do the stats.

hope you enjoyed your dudo's iced coffee yesterday on your BIRTHDAY! :)

Katie said...

OF COURSE I want to hear about it! Maybe not numbers with the weight could just leave that part up to our imaginations ;)