Thursday, September 9, 2010

At Best, I Think I Could Give Myself a B- (and for the record, I'm not too disappointed with a B-)

Some days, I feel like I'm doing alright.

Days when I get up before the kids, shower, and read and pray.

Days when I actually get a little bit of cleaning done...even if you can't tell by the end of the day.

Days when I loads of laundry get washed, dried, folded AND put away. Especially if I had to combat a couple kids who love to throw folded clothes.

Days when I've noticed an extreme amount of patience, kept my cool, made meals and fed the kids on time, and gotten them down for good naps.

Days when I have dinner ready when Bob gets home and the kids are playing quietly in the living room.

Days when Sam is attentive and obedient, uses good manners, and is sweet to Grey.

Days when Grey eats all the food on his tray (before he throws any of it on the ground) and still wants more.

Days when there is a lot of laughter, from Sam, from Grey, from me.

Some days, soooommme days, I feel like I'm doing alright.


Jenna said...

B- is miraculous. With babies and toddlers, the highs are higher and the lows are lower. The sleep deprivation is like no other. The snuggles are sweeter. It's a strange and wonderful and most difficult time. I have that gap between my kids, so I KNOW it gets easier (except for the homework part.)

I'd gladly take a B -. (Just every now and then you really want to have an A+ day!! I get that!)

Laura said...

G, I think that describes most of the time I see you. Maybe I'm naive over here in the ATL, but seems like you pretty much have stuff under control 99% of the time. You and your kids rock!