Friday, September 17, 2010

Guess What? It's Another Post About Poop

Sometimes when Sam needs to poop, he screams, has a panicked look on his face, and runs around (not to the bathroom).

This morning, there has been quite a bit screaming, running around, not pooping, screaming, running around, and not pooping.
Then finally pooping in the potty, only to come downstairs, scream, run in the bathroom and simultaneously pull down his underwear, poop on the floor, oh and bust his lip on the toilet seat.
How does that even happen?


Laura said...

That poor child... what if he reads this when he grows up?

megan and nick said...

OMG...bless your heart! How are you doing this?!?! He really must have had to go!
Ella will pee and poop on the potty, but only when I initiate it and bribe her with candy. She better get ready, though, because I am for real potty training her in a month. This is just the warm up!

Lindsay said...

Poor Sam! (and you)....

I'm so dreading the road ahead for us. I've decided it will be our New Year's resolution to get Eli out of diapers. The clock is ticking, and posts like this scare me to death! :)