Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ok, Who Told Grey He Needed to One-up Sam?

You know how people will often times put a warning at the beginning of a blog post.
Take it seriously.
The following post is a story about poop being in places it shouldn't be.
And there are pictures.
Graphic pictures.
I don't wanna hear any complaints about the grossness of the pictures because I have warned you...seriously warned you.

If you're still reading because you doubt my definition of a serious warning, here it is again...this is a gross post.
Cool with that?
Then carry on.

The boys have been waking up a little earlier the last few months - Sam because he wakes up and needs to go to the bathroom and Grey...I guess because his room old room is so bright.

Saturday morning, they were both awake and just talking in their rooms around 7:45/8:00, so Bob and I took advantage of that and just laid in bed for a little later than usual.

You know what that cost us?

It cost us this.

Wait....what IS that?

"Oh noooooo."

Gag, gag, gaggity, gag.
You can almost smell it, can't you?

Grey was so happy playing in and eating his own poop that he was content for a good 15-20 minutes of "just talking in his crib."

I imagine he was probably saying something along the lines of...
"Let's just take this poopy diaper off. I'll save Mom and Dad the trouble."
"Oh shoot, I don't have any wipes in my crib. I guess I'll just use my hand."
"Where else can I put my poop that hasn't already been decorated with my poop? Ahh! The wall, of course!!"
"Mmm, this poop is delicious! How lucky am I?!"

And since I see this as a teaching moment...
Grey, you did not save us any trouble, kiddo.
Your hand is NEVER a good alternative for a wipe.
Poop is NOT normally used for decoration.
And no, according to popular belief, poop is not delicious and no one who gets it in their mouth considers themselves to be lucky.


Lindsay said...


jessica said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Jaci Spain said...

Grossest thing EVER:) Sick, sick, sick!!!

Kara-KSS Photography said...

I love it that you got pics of this Greta. superb. LOL!!

Mrs. Butler said...

He's totally wearing the "I make dirt look good" shirt, too, isn't he? Dirt really DOES look good after that! lol

Kristina said...

I mean really here. What can you do? This is my worst nightmare. You are amazing and hilarious. Just take it....kids are creative and if they get bored or anxious...you'll know!

Shea said...

lol...so glad I'm not the only one who's children have eaten poop! ;) Just makes 'em stronger, right?