Friday, January 21, 2011

Can't Get Enough of This One

What a precious, precious baby.

Also, I'm lovin' this 1960's effect from Picnik. It reminds me of old pictures my parents have of me. (So I guess it's also a 1980's effect...)


Lindsay said...

Precious. Love that pic!

Rachel said...

That's an awesome photo! Our 80's photos were MUCH oranger... because who doesn't want ORANGE photos?

Courtney said...

totally looks like my awesome 80's baby pics. ohhh, greta, he's so precious!! i need to kiss those cheeks! hopefully this week we'll all be healthy??

Melissa Richie said...

I love this picture...he's looking more and more like sam to me.

the bug has officially left our house without too much damage. thomas and i never "got sick" but were pretty miserable until this morning. vale is still sleeping and in full recovery mode :) thanks for commiserating with me on sunday.

yes. let's go camping soon. maybe mid/late spring? i think we may leave the beckster with my mom and just take vale. oak mtn? how fun would that be!?