Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Telling You, My Immune System Rocks (knock on wood)

First off, let me say I am so thankful for good health.
Overall, our family is very healthy.
I know plenty who can't say the same.

However, I'm tired of my kids being sick. They're pitiful. I can't always make them feel better and there is more bodily fluid coming out of them than normal and that's just one more thing to clean up.
But I'm glad the grossness of it doesn't really bother me.

We've missed church the last 3 Sundays (although last week was because Bob and I had an overnight date). We can't really hang out with any friends because we don't want to spread germs.
Along those same lines, Sam has to miss that has already been paid that gives me a nice little break.
But I'm glad that I'm able to take care of him and spend some extra time loving on him.

We're tired. Isn't every parent of children tired...perpetually?

Even with Bob here, the house is a wreck. The kids make more messes, food, toys, partially digested food, snot, etc.
than we are able to keep up with.
But, I love watching Bob care for our kids.
He is so gentle and patient with them.

Sooo, we'll keep napping through the night, giving midnight baths to bring down fevers, racing to beat the snot rocketing out of noses before it makes it into mouths or onto the floor. We'll keep covering coughs, monitoring temperatures and medicine dosages, cleaning up puke, washing small loads of disgusting laundry, smelling nasty breath and snuggling...with tiny, hot bodies.
Because that's what parents do.


Laura said...

So sweet. You're a good mom and Bob, you're a good dad. G, this is what I was talking about, not the driving. :) Love you guys and sorry the boys are sick again. :( ~Aunt Candle

jessica said...

So sorry your boys are sick again. Laura's right, you are a good mom...with great perspective!

Kristina said...

I love your two personalities fighting each other in your head! Makes sense...positive side...negative side.