Friday, April 8, 2011

Huh-oh. There's Some Competition for the Title of "Father of the Seahorse".

While Sam was at school, Grey took over his parenting duties.

You tell me. What's going on here? Is Seahorse Bo napping in the shoe box or having a time-out?

And here. It looks like he may be headed to get a spanking...

We've been having quite a bit of discipline around here lately. It's on my mind and maybe it's on Grey's too!

That little seahorse baby Bo sure is lucky. So is the real baby Bo. He's got some sweet older brothers.


Rachel Garcia said...

they are all adorable. and with boys.. oy.. lots of discipline. haha

Lauren said...

It might be neccessary to break down and buy a doll :) I know it is not a "boy toy" but it sure makes pretend parenting more real....until they start breastfeeding it which might be a little much for you :)