Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Know, Male Seahorses Carry Their Own Babies

When we came home with Bo, I was amazed at how little the other two boys seemed to need to adjust. I was expecting there to be quite a bit of jealousy, maybe even some assault on Bo, sort of like when Sam beat Grey with the drumstick.

There really wasn't.

Both Sam & Grey have been so sweet to Bo and just recently
we're starting to notice some jealousy. I think it's because Bo has become more alert, interactive, and needs more attention now.

For example, Sam has been crawling around on the floor, using baby talk (my favorite! not), telling me he's baby, pretending he is a baby and needs to nap on the couch (if only he would actually sleep...ahhh), etc.

I mentioned here that in the last couple days, Sam has adopted his own baby. I much prefer this behavior. Here are some pictures of him caring for his baby, who has been named, wait for it...Bo. Isn't the creativity astounding?!

And to show how great of a dad Sam will one day is some photographic evidence.

Sam putting seahorse Bo down for a the bottom of the stairs.

Sam feeding seahorse Bo...with parts from my pump.

Buddy, when you're 16 and reading this and it's creeping you out, please know that we tried to keep this stuff from you and take it away when you found it. You were not to be deterred, so don't blame us.


Rebecca said...

Hahaha! That is funny!

Kristin Owen said...

That is so funny! Oh, Sam, you crack me up. At least he's not trying to nurse Seahorse Bo, is he? That'd be a keeper. ;-)

Lindsay said...

That's hilarious! I'd also love to see him trying to nurse the seahorse.

Alicia said...

That's hilarious! Maybe he'd be interested in this ;)

Rachel said...

That's awesome!! And awesomely cute!!

Camille Platt said...

that glo-worm is aaron's lovey! he plays it when he goes to sleep, and one time he saw us "deface" it to replace batteries and woooahhhh it was bad news. luckily he recovered and seems to have forgotten about it's deconstructed form.

Melissa Richie said...

oh, sam, i just love you. this post cracks me up. i think my favorite picture is the breast-pump-bottle. way to be creative!