Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is Where I Am

If you've come into contact with me in the last month or so, you know two things (1), we've been sick for many weeks now and (2) my precious oldest child has been giving me quite the run for my money.

You would know this because I can't seem to keep from whining about it to anyone I am talking to.

Know what I think about that? I'm kinda tired of it. I'm tired of having those things to complain about, but even more, I'm tired of being that person who complains so much.

A friend of mine, Jenna, recently posted about a book giveaway another friend of hers was doing. To enter, you had to write about something you love about your kids.

Wanna know something sad? That particular day, it was hard for me to do that. Not hard to come up with things I love about them, but hard to make myself want to focus on those things. Ugh! If that doesn't earn me some kind of parenting award, I'm not sure what does. I'm pretty disgusted at myself for ever thinking that way about my children. The precious, hilarious, sweet little boys that I've been gifted to watch over.

Anyway. In my comment, I thanked that lady for "making" me focus on what I love about my kids. I needed it. They needed it.

I didn't win the giveaway but did realize this book, Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches, is currently buy one, get one with free shipping. That free shipping really pushed me over the edge to go ahead and buy 2. Well that and the fact that I got teared up after reading the first few pages (check out the "look inside" right under the picture of the book).

So, I'm copying Jenny (who also has an adorable son named Sam!) and I'm giving away a copy of this book.

To enter (leave a separate comment for each thing you do:
Leave a comment telling me something you love about the kid(s) in your life. (gotta do this one!)
Tweet about this giveaway.
Facebook about this giveaway.

I'll pick and announce a winner Wednesday, April 27th. (Please be sure I can contact you).

Here's what I said about my three littles:
I love Sam (3 1/2) for calling payloaders, Miss Payloader b/c of a book that asked him to look for the missing payloader, for halting the energy that courses through him to be gentle to his baby brother, for giving awesome “around the neck” hugs and for pointing out to me when he does obey/use good manners/help out like I’ve specifically asked him to.

I love Grey (1 1/2) for the little pouty face he has recently perfected, for telling everyone,, “hi” again and again and again, for running in to give sweet hugs and waiting at the door for his dad every day, for bringing every blanket available to me for his baby brother and for the mischievous little eyes he squints when we tell him to “cheese it up.”

I love Bo (5 months) for his sweet and calm disposition, for snuggling right into the base of my neck, for smiling so easily, and for sleeping so well!


Lauren said...

How incredible! I just had someone else recommend this book to me the other day, and I'm ready for a "new" mothering read. :) The first comment never wins, but what the hey, I can try, right? ;)

WM - I love how he "wrestles" with his little brother and lets him tackle him and win. I love how he always wants to read, always wants to learn about something new. I love how he's learning more about who he is, and how much we all need Jesus - love that he feels the need to retreat to his room alone and pray sometimes.

LL - I love how she loves all things pink and girly, but still plays soldiers with her big brother. I love what a snuggle-bug she is, that she can't go more than an hour or so without giving an intense hug to someone. I love that she MUST have her nails painted at all times. I love how she loves us.

LM - I love his little scrunch-nose grins. The way he calls "Ma-Ma-Ma!" for me and calls his big brother. I love how he's such a busy little guy and motors all over the place, but will still lay his head on my shoulder with a heavy sigh when it's naptime or bedtime. I love how he's learning his boundaries (with seemingly endless "no-no" training).

Belly-babe - I love how this growing child twists and turns, how he/she has not made me miserable for the past 7 months like the 2 before did, and that we're over 3/4 of the way there to meeting him/her.

My dislikes? That we cannot hang out in person. I identify so much with your feelings of being given a run for your money when it comes to discipline. ;)

Melissa Richie said...

Oh Greta. I feel you on this one. Yesterday was so hard for us I ran around wide-eyed and then fell asleep at 9 pm. I'm eager to hear what's going on with Sam and if it's similar to what I'm struggling with about Vale...we'll talk. Friday!?!?

Vale - I love her independence and spunk. She constantly keeps me on my toes, and I never know what will come out of her mouth. I love how she tries really hard to have good manners and to do "chores" around the house. She's always eager to help me out. I love that right below the surface, she has a sweet and kind heart that is longing to love other people.

Beck - I love how he shakes his head "no" when he's really, really sleepy and then laughs about it. I love his new teeth and how he thinks his sister is the coolest person ever. I love how he waves bye bye to the cars on the street and will play that game all day long.

Even if I don't win, I think I'm buying this book. Right along with Parenting the Strong-Willed Child ;)

jessica said...

I would love to read this book! If I don't win, maybe you could lend your copy to me when you're done?!

I love that my little one smiles so readily at just about anyone that comes his way. Totally makes their day. I love that he has recently learned how to give big, open mouth kisses...and only wants to kiss me this way. I love his cheesy grin that he does when he knows he's in the spotlight. I love the way he lights up when his daddy walks through the door after work. I love how he "sings" with me, swaying back and forth and "la la la-ing".

Thanks for this little "exercise" in thankfulness.

Sarah said...

My beloved put that book into my stocking this past Christmas. I've already read it through 3 times and scanned it several other times when I needed a fast reminder! Having 3 littles makes it VERY hard to focus on anything other than staying alive, but I'm convinced we're going to miss all this one day.

And, FYI, as I type this, my oldest is "illustrating" a book she wrote about a little girl whose mama spanks her for no good reason. Shades of reality around here? Shame, shame on me! Those oldest kids put up with so much!

Rachel said...

That book sounds really good. I was just praying this morning that I could focus more on the things I love about my kids and less on the things that annoy me. Thanks for the reminder!

Ali can be awesomely entertaining with the way her little mind works, freaking out about stories that say things like "She couldn't take her eyes off of him" and wondering if God can take his own clothes on and off since they must be so big.

Noah has the most insanely precious smile and laugh I've ever seen. And he loves me a lot - which I love.

Lauren said...

I love that Emmaline doesn't meet a stranger. I love how Emmaline talks to Anna when she wakes up. It is so kind.

Lauren said...

I love how Anna smiles about anything and everything. I hope this never changes.

Lauren said...

I facebook'd about it. I'd tweet too but I don't have a tweet account.

Alicia said...

I love the love that Shiloh has for myself and her daddy. Every time I leave the house she tells me how much she's going to miss me and every day when her daddy gets home from work she screams and runs to him with her arms wide open. I love her eagerness to fill our days with laughter. She is quite the teaser and jokester. I love that she enjoys sleeping in like her mama :)

Lindsey said...

I love how Shiloh is: always so happy and greets everyone she meets with a smile; wakes up from a nap standing in her crib smiling huge and saying "hola" or "hello" with so much energy; how she sleeps like a hibernating bear and eats anything I put front of her; and how she melts her daddy's heart with everything she does!

P.S. Alicia - Love that you have a daughter named Shiloh too!

Kristin Owen said...

Great idea, Greta (or lady you copied)! I love it. I've just got one tiny baby, so I'm not in the trenches yet, but I know I'll get there someday as more (hopefully) little peanuts come. So, about Taylor. I love the stuff she finds humerous and the special smile and giggle and dimple that shows her appreciation of the humor. I love how she grabs me and kisses me out of nowhere. I love how she loves her daddy and I and shows it. I love her little voice.

The Riherds said...

My little munchkin is 2 and half. I'll leave it at that. :) Your post is such a great reminder to stop and cherish the "good" in our children. I'd say a few of the things I love about my munchkin are...the way she dances around totally naked when she's fresh out of the tub, how she makes up songs to describe what she did during the day, and to see her head over heels in love with her Daddy-o.

*I think this is the first time I've left a comment on your blog, but I've been a loyal follower for quite some time. (Says a lot about me that I show up for the giveaway, eh?) :/

Angela V said...

Thanks for posting this too. I also am going through the struggles with my darling 3 year old. And at the end of the night, on our worse nights, I end up in tears because my sweet boy is sleeping and I feel bad for the "fights" we've gotten in and all I want to do is wake him up and give him hugs and love.

Zachary - I love how my little man is so stinkin smart and has quite the quirky personality. I love watching from the kitchen as daddy and Zach play video games, or watching from the window as they are playing soccer, or other sports outside and laughing and creating that special bond. I love what an amazing big brother he already is, even though little sis is not even here. He has painted her a special picture to hang in her room, makes sure to give the belly a hug and kiss every night and always asks how baby Caitlyn is doing. I love the way his face lights up when he feels her roll around in the belly. I could go on and on, but I'll end (since it's relevant right now) with the way I love how we spend our Wednesday nights "watching singing" (American Idol) and falling asleep together.

Camille Platt said...

Yah! I love how Aaron (22 months) has a soft spot for animals, kissing pictures of animals and saying "maahhh!" (for goats) every time we drive pass an open field. I love how he tries to count (one... six... nine...) and how he tries to squeeze himself under the infant playmat with his brother. I also love practicing our "mood faces" together in the mirror - happy! sad! grumpy!

I love how Andrew (nearly 2 weeks) has to nurse to sleep (even though i'm dying for him to end up on a babywise schedule), and how I'm able to enjoy him more than I did my previous infant experience because I know what to expect and know he's going to turn out fine no matter how I screw up. I also love how he just hangs out and watches what's going on, even when his brother pokes him in the eye or lays on top of him for a kiss.

p.s. check facebook for your link.

megan and nick said...

What a great idea! The book sounds amazing!

I don't know what I don't love about Ella. Even the things that drive me crazy are endearing to me b/c they make her who she is! Specifically, though, I love that she's hilarious (and knows it), that she gives big kisses & tight hugs, that she can pick up on anyone's mood, that's she's empathetic and wants to make everyone feel better, that, on the flip side of that, she won't put up with anyone's crap, and that she loves her baby sister-to-be so so much already.

I love the unknown about baby #2. She's super active, reminding me that she's still in there. I'm assuming she'll have a very different personality than Ella. Will she be wild, quiet, reserved??? I can't wait to find out!

megan and nick said...

I facebooked about it, too!

Anonymous said...

And I love you for being such a wonderful mother to my grandsons! Ebee