Sunday, July 31, 2011

And Thank You For Our New Deck

Sam says our prayer at lunch. It's his "thing." I'll ask if he wants to say the prayer at other times and he always asks, "is it lunch?" If it's not, he doesn't want to. Strange.

Anyway, he always thanks God for our new deck. It's new in the sense that Bob tore down the old and rebuilt a bigger deck, but that was last year so some of the actual new has worn off. Still, to Sam, it's the new deck.

And on days like, oh wait, all summer...when it's 8,000 degrees outside and the kids still want and need to go out, I'm so so thankful for it too. (I'm even more thankful for it on cool nights and in the Fall when we eat dinner out there. Thanks Bob!)

So, you probably want to know what they do on the deck.

Boys who love playing with construction equipment
a desire to "dig" everything
some stale granola

After the chocolate chips in the granola started melting, I tossed that and pulled out some spiral pasta for them to use. And by the way, that granola definitely did not stay inside those containers. Most of it got dustbusted.

Who dustbusts outside? We do.

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