Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Kind of Self-Discipline

Let's get this out of the way...we spank our kids. Not a whole lot and not real hard but for select "offenses" we spank. The spankings are for things they have been warned about before, they get talked about afterwards and we hug and reassure them after the spanking.

So...moving along with the story.

We were in the car today, on our way home, and Sam committed a spankable offense. I told him he would be getting a spanking when we got home. A few days ago I warned that a spanking was coming if he did something again and he told me I would forgot by the time I got him. Awesome.

Anyway, we were close to home today so I didn't forget. We got home and he started crying saying he didn't want a spanking. He then proceeded to head on inside. When I got the other two in, he was standing in the kitchen kind of crying, pulling his pants up...telling me I didn't need to spank him because he already spanked himself.

Please know I was trying my hardest to stifle laughter here.

I asked him what he used (we normally use the spanking spoon). He used his hand.
I asked him to show me what he did. He pulled his underwear down and popped his bottom a couple times.

Again, stifling the laughter.

I'd love to tell you that I let him get off with no actual spanking...

Any of you guys have a 3 year-old who disciplines themselves?


Anne588 said...

poor kid! Reading that I Know that I'll be eternally thankful for my parents who knew the power of words. Hope this wont harm him too bad!

Karen said...

Tooo funny! This will be a great story to tell for years to come :)

jessica said...

Hilarious! Oh I wish you had that moment on video!

Lindsay said...

I'm guessing that Anne588 has never tried out her "powerful words" theory on a 3 year old. (eyes rolling)

Cute story!

Sara said...

Oh hilarious!! I love it!!

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

That's cute. Nice try buddy.

My guess is Anne588 either doesn't have kids, OR she has very compliant kids. either way, Anne588, I can assure you that when spanking is done properly, it isn't harmful.

but again, you have your opinion, we have ours. Just please don't shame someone who doesn't do it the way you do.

Jenna said...

1. anne588 needs a spanking for using her words to be mean.

2. isn't this a picture of what we do as grown ups with our heavenly father? we'd just love to choose our own consequences, no?

3. this story is hilarious. it's sweet moments like this that make the heartache of having to discipline a little bit easier. i can't stand disciplining my kids, but they need to know the boundaries.

Rachel said...

Awesome. Poor guy - he tried so hard!

amy (metz) walker said...

hahaha...poor guy! I wouldn't have been able not to laugh!

I got spanked plenty in my lifetime and, I assure you, no "power of words" would have been quite as persuasive as the healthy fear I had for THE spoon! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the spanking thing. I think it is such a bad thing to do. There are people out there who raise fantastic kids without spanking. Disciplining can be done is so many other ways, I speak from experience. And no, I don't have 'just' compliant kids. And to use a spanking spoon ... so upsetting to me.