Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Onwy-ist

Sam has been so sweet the last week or so. I'm talking, out of his way to tell me he loves me, tell me I'm sweet, say "thank you" with this precious little smile because he knows how much I appreciate when he's grateful, kind of sweet.

We were laying under the tent yesterday and the following conversation transpired:
Sam (rolling over to look at me): Mom? You're da onwy-ist girl in da world.
Me: The only-ist? What does that mean?
Sam: Da onwy-ist! Yer da onwy-ist.
Me: Can you use a different word? I don't know what only-ist means.
Sam: Mom! You.are.SO.weird.

I'm gonna assume onwy-ist is an awesome thing that everyone wants to be, but good gracious when did this one

start talking like a 12 year-old girl?


Lindsay said...


jessica said...

Too cute! At least he wasn't saying ornery-ist!

Lauren said...

So sweet! That picture of him makes me want to come and squeeze him. :)

amy (metz) walker said...

AW! I loved hearing this story in person and it makes me laugh again reading it. I'm not sure I'd go with 12 year old girl...I'm thinking he's laying the mack down on the first girl he's ever loved. Pretty cute stuff!

P.S. GREAT pic