Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Say It, They Will Repeat It

Everyone knows kids pick up phrases, inflection, and often times, bad words from their parents.

Here's a recent conversation from our house indicating that just this very thing is occuring.

A few days ago
Sam: Blah blah blah, dangit!
Me: Hey, where'd you hear that?
Sam: (smiling sheepishly) From you...
Me: Well it doesn't sound very nice coming from you. I guess I need to work on not saying it anymore, huh?

While he was frantically searching our living room
Sam: Where is the freakin' DVD?!
Me: What'd you just say, buddy?
Sam: (again with the sheepish smile) Where is the freakin' DVD?
Me: I don't want you saying that anymore.
Sam: Well...I guess you just need to work on not saying it.



Deidre said...

Hahaha! Cannot help but to laugh. A couple of weeks ago Kendall told her baby doll to stop "freaking out." I almost asked her where she heard that from, then realized it was me... Oops!

Rachel said...

Ha!! He's a smart kid!! I love it.

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

oh girl.. I LOVE this. I just laughed a good laugh.. yes, at your expense. but only because i've BTDT. I got ya covered... waffle house style.. on the things my kids have mirrored. Oy vey! fun times.

megan and nick said...

As you know we've been having our own little challenges with this very same thing. Ella actually sent me to time-out the other night for saying "stupid." It was quite the humbling experience.

jessica said...

John and I cracked up over this!

Tiffany said...

Oh funny! I mean, it isn't, but it is...they are like parakeets! haha.