Friday, October 7, 2011

8 Months–Bo

(We had quite a bit of this going on since you got your front top teeth.)

Bo, the fact that it’s taken me so long to get this, your 9 month, and 10 month posts up has nothing to do with how much we love you! It has so much more to do with how mobile you’ve gotten and how incredibly busy your brothers are!
SAM_0690Sam likes to sit down behind you, grab you, then lean back. This is what usually results. You look less than thrilled and he is delighted (and oh, so old looking!)SAM_0720SAM_0702SAM_0744
You are just the sweetest little babe…the sweetest.


Melissa Richie said...

He's so precious! I can't tell who he looks like...maybe more like Gray? I can't believe he'll be one soon...and that Sam will be 4!

julie said...

i love him. love love love him.