Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There’s Something About 3 Months and 9 Months

Note: I wrote this a few almost two months ago and am just getting around to posting it...so goes my life.Around 3 months, babies change.
They stop crying so much, or at least for no reason.
I’d like to believe their little systems are getting used to living outside the womb. They also start to interact a good bit more.
I’ve always focused on that 3 month mark and encouraged other moms who are trudging through sleepless nights which to lead to zombie-like days, rip-your-heart-out crying, nursing woes, and many other difficulties that come along with precious babies in their first months “outside.”
Just recently, I’ve realized the 9 month mark is another turning point. Babies really start to understand a lot, interact with their eyes (really looking at you knowingly), some are signing, clapping, waving, and they’re usually pretty vocal.
I love the little baby phase, but have always thought 12-18/20 months is my favorite age (so far). Well, I think I need to bump back my favorite age to include 9 months.
I know I’ve said it to everyone we talk to and I’ve mentioned it on here but Bo is soooo easy. I mean, ea.sy. But he really is such a joy...a bright spot (if I can say that without it sounding TOO cheesy).
If you haven’t guessed yet, he just turned 9 months. (That post, along with his 8 month post, to come. Good gracious I’m behind!) It’s hard to focus and enjoy each part of a child’s growing up. There’s so much going on! But Bo is really helping me to step back and relish it all. And I pretty much love that about him.


Melissa Richie said...

I love -love - the nine months mark. Will you remind me about the three month milestone next spring? Cause I may be going crazy :)

Alicia said...

When I look back, nine months is when being home with Shiloh all day became fun! I LOVED the nine month mark :)