Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Was Like a Breath of Fresh Air

*If you can believe it, I started this post quite a few weeks ago. I’m finally getting around to posting it. Just keep that in mind as you read the part about me just getting on top of the laundry. I have since, gotten behind and back on top of it roughly 3 times.

Bob and I just got back from a 4 day vacation...without kids. I have 2 main points.
1 - It.was.amazing.
Getting the house back under control is a tough task. We actually got back Monday night and I'm just beginning to feel like I'm getting on top of the laundry. It's beginning to look like we vacation in search of cooler weather, even to the beach!

Bob and I consider it to very important to take time out for each other. I'm talking about regular date nights or meals out with friends as well as overnight and (gasp, is it possible!?) multiple overnights away with just each other.
I can't tell you what the quiet does for me.

Let's sit for a minute and just sit...

I'm typing this while the kids are asleep and/or resting so it is actually quiet in this house. That doesn't happen often. I've got nap times lined up and it seems like there are just never many days where everyone sleeps as long as they should or stays in the bed when they should be resting, ahem,
Sam, I'm talking to you.

So yea, back to the quiet.

Bob's parents and mine were so, SO gracious to watch our 3 little bundles of energy while we took a much needed and thoroughly enjoyed vacation. As always, the anticipation of the trip was half the fun. On particularly challenging days, we'd look at each other and say, "just a couple weeks, we'll be all alone." We expected it to be great.

2 - It was wonderful.

At the beginning of the year, I begged and pushed for we decided to plan a trip for the two of us. Lots of stuff needed to be taken care of but the big one was childcare. Cue amazing grandparents. Both sets live relatively close by and we recognize what a huge blessing that is. Our kids will know all of their grandparents very well. And most importantly, they love spending time with all of them! Being able to leave the kids with our parents, knowing they will be cared for, loved, disciplined if need be, and knowing they will have fun makes it easy for us to leave for a couple days and really, really enjoy ourselves.

Nana & Pop-Pop, Ebee & Poppa, thank you.
I suspect you know how much I mean that, since you obviously have  children, but seriously, thank you. It may seem like it, but we do not take you for granted.
Anyway, here's what our "days away" looked like:

A beautiful, long beach with only a few holes of golf between it and our hotel.

And speaking of golf. Bob played quite a bit and I drove the golf cart, quite a bit.


Bob played really well, especially considering it had been about 5 years since he had hit. There were a few of these moments though.

Playing oceanfront, with Victor, a little guy we picked up along the way.


Sick houses on the golf course / oceanfront.


Plenty of beautiful scenery.


A fun meet-up with an old friend , Stephanie (who just had her first son a couple days ago!!!)


Lots of delicious food. As in, every meal we ate was either amazing food or really good food with a great atmosphere.  We ate at this one, Pepper’s, twice.


This place served as much as they could from local farmers. It was like an old farm house, situated on a quaint downtown street. We ate outside on the front porch. So fun! We walked down the road afterwards to listen to a band we spotted (and heard) while eating.


My made-to-order omelet from the hotel restaurant. It was delicious!! The resort even had a huge assortment of fresh fruit and cheese, as well as a gluten-free table complete with a few types of baked goods, bread, a dedicated GF toaster, and a couple cereals. Great news for anyone with a gluten allergy!


We rode bikes quite a bit. I borrowed one from Amy. (and now I want my own) This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The weather was fantastic so it was great to be outside so much!

And lots of self-portraits that I’ve narrowed down to two.
SAM_2486Amelia Island - B&G
I love, love, love that guy.
Hey Bob, thanks again for taking me on vacation! I love living our lives together!


Rachel said...

That's awesome!! There's nothing a Mamma needs more than a few nights away from her precious, lovely children and with her man. I'm so glad you guys got a vacation!! I'm *almost* feeling more relaxed on your behalf!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so cute together!! Glad you had such a good time! Love, Ebee