Saturday, January 14, 2012

It Was High Time For A Makeover

You know what’s a good surprise? One you don’t see coming.

In case you haven’t noticed, my blog header is different. It’s different in that it now exists. Ha!

My friend, Amy, texted the other day to ask if I trusted her with my blog password. Of course this made me super curious but I do trust her, so I gave her the password. A couple minutes later, the new and improved I Love Mr. Pibb was up and running. (Thanks Amy!)

I love the pictures that Mandy took, the wider text area…all of it. Hope you enjoy it too!


Rachel said...

What an awesome header!!! I need a friend like that to text ME...lucky you!! :)

Shea said...

Love the new look! Loved getting to see you and the kiddos the other day! You are always so genuine and real - loved catching up!

jessica said...

Love it! What a great and talented friend! Does she want to be my friend too?! =)