Thursday, January 12, 2012

Someone Else Made Some Goals for Himself AND For Me

I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions…or really any solid goals for the year. I have a few goals floating around in my head but again, nothing solid, no goals written down and definitely no goals written down with stickers decorating the paper.

Sam on the other hand…


Let me zoom in for ya…


Apparently one of my goals needs to be “bus the kids to the pool and playground more often.”

Simple enough.


Melissa said...

Aren't you so glad he's there to help you set your goals? And, I'm certianly glad we can help with #1 next week :)

I, too, have not set any goals/resolutions. Still working through my 30 before 30, but so many of those have to be modified now that I'm pregnant. Didn't see that one coming when I vowed to run a half marathon. It's a nice excuse to get out of it, though.

Was that a school project, or something you all did together?

chibiaion said...

Haha, that so sweet. Better be ready for some wet and muddy adventures this year. :)
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Rachel said...

Love it!! And what a great idea. I need to start asking Ali what her goals are...could be very entertaining!!