Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Could Happen So Fast

Yesterday, as I was leaving Walmart, our second home, Bo was strapped in the cart and Grey was walking. (The older boys  always want to"walk inside.”)

I saw the mom of a boy in Sam's class and stopped to talk to her right outside, in the overhang area.

Grey was apparently bored and darted out towards the parking lot, right by the pedestrian crosswalk just as a car was coming by.

I had to run to catch him. Like, the scary move quickly run…not a leisurely jog.

I grabbed him under his arms and whipped him back to safety.
Too close, I tell myself, that was too freakin' close.

It could happen so fast.


Lindsay said...

Super scary. Been there. Praise God for protecting our little ones!

megan and nick said...

SO scary! Not that he wouldn't hold your hand, but they're fearless at that age. It's something with the age because when Ella was his age she would {try to} flat out refuse to hold my hand. Now she gladly strolls pretty much anywhere holding my hand.

jessica said...

Oh my word. This makes my heart skip a beat. PTL for His protection!

Melissa said...

Ugh. This makes me cringe...

I'm not a worrier, but imagining my children running out in the road has kept me awake one or two nights. Especially when Vale was Gray's age with little concept of consequences and NO concept of mortality.

Praise the Lord you could run after him and that he was okay. I can't even think about it...