Monday, January 9, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

Last year’s recap was so, well-written, comprehensive, attention-grabbing…I figured I’d do another one. (ahem)

2011  flew by. Anyone else feel that way? The older I get, the faster time passes. That sort of seems backwards now doesn’t it?

In January, we all passed around a nasty stomach bug.
I lamented over the sickness.
I snuggled a bunch with Bo and he turned 2 months old.

In February,  Ya-Ya visited.
Bo turned 3 months.
And the weather was pretty awesome.

In March, Grey assaulted Bo.
We all got the flu.
I hung out a bunch with just Grey (and it was great!).
Bo started beatboxing and turned 4 months old.

Please oh please, Winter 2012, don’t bring so much sickness!

In April, Sam and Grey tended to their very own baby…seahorse.
I read an awesome book, one that I need to re-read soon!
Bo turned 5 months.
Terrible tornadoes blew over Alabama, and thankfully spared where we live.

In May, I enjoyed my last full year in my 20s, although I have no blog-record of this.
We went to the GA Aquarium.
Bob, Bo, and I did some tornado clean-up and saw first hand how horrific the damage was.
Ya-Ya visited again.
I stopped and thought about how much of a joy Sam was!
Bo turned 6 months.

In June, we had a termite inspection and I blogged about it.
I started to realize how much Grey loves animals.
We had some family pictures taken and therefore ended up with quite a few outtakes.
Sam got a short anatomy lesson.
I talked about what a great dad Bob is.
We met Dusty & Amy!
Bob and I celebrated 7 years. Good gracious, I love that man.
Bo turned 7 months.

In July, the boys (and I) thoroughly enjoyed the new deck.
We had a sweet tent in which Sam told me I was “da onwy-ist girl in da world.”
Sam attempted a little self-discipline.
Bo turned 8 months.

In August, Grey turned 2 and had a Lighting McQueen party.
Bo turned 9 months.

In September, I started making our own GF bread.
Sam and I did that crayon thing.
Bob and I went on a much-needed, much-appreciated vacation.
Bo turned 10 months old.

In October, Sam turned 4 and had a Mater party. 
I came across this broccoli recipe.
Bo turned 11 months.

In November, Bo turned 1 (which I have yet to blog about)!
I got to go to Orlando and spend the weekend with some friends from college!
Maw-Maw, Paw-Paw, and Aunt Janie came to visit.

In December, Bob turned 30…thur-dee (which I also haven’t blogged about yet).
We visited the McWane Center with Pop-Pop & Nana.
I had a small Christmas tour.
We had such a fun Christmas!
We sent out and got a bunch of lovely Christmas cards!

Happy New Year everybody!

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jessica said...

Great recap of 2011. I need to do this. P.S. I love how you verbally affirm and love Bob out loud. You're a great wifey.